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Offically Closed.

Hello everyone,

When I started this comm up again, I figured that it wouldn't be as active as it once was. With the new 20in20 comms coming into 'fashion', I find that icontests are struggling and manga_character is no exception.

I have extended the current challenge at least 3 times and in the end, there's only been one individual who's participated. Participation is very low in general so I want to sincerely thank those who have submitted & voted or either or since the re-opening of this community. My moderation was at a low as well so I would like to apologize for that.

Thanks for those who have participated in the past and made this community a fun place to be! It was great. I hope everyone here who participated at some point in time had a good time. It's completely understandable why this community is now dead.

Thanks once again,
Princess Aurora

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Kushieda Minori from Toradora!
As usual, please be careful of vectors and fanart which can be found on these sites! Any universe of LoZ's Link can be used!

Example Submission:
[Comm icon credit to lefthandpenguin]

->You have until January 14th to submit.
->You may submit 3 icons
->Your icon must feature this week's character. Other characters are allowed, as long as they're not the main focus of the icon
->When you submit, it is understood that you are complying with all the community rules on the front page. Failure to comply with these rules may get your icon(s) disqualified.
->You do not necessarily have to use the provided pictures. They're just suggestions.
->Icons must follow standard LJ sizes and restrictions. (100x100 pixels and 40kb) And no animation!
->Icons cannot be advertised anywhere before voting, as the maker must be annonymous

Suggest a character --> Here! Apply to be a bannermaker or Affiliate --> Here!