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The Manga Character Icontest
Challenge 001: Winry Rockbell 
14th-Dec-2009 06:33 pm
I thought I would post our first challenge even though we don't have very many members, just so people can see the jist of how this comm will be :)

So for our first challenge I have selected:

Winry Rockbell
from Full Metal Alchemist
One of my all-time favorite anime ladies ^^

Photobucket Photobucket

Example Submission:
->You have until the night of Saturday December 26th (extra long, so that we can wait for more members to join and celebrate Xmas ^^) at midnight to submit.
->You may submit up to 3 icons
->Your icon must feature this week's character. Other characters are allowed, as long as they're not the main focus of the icon
->You do not necessarily have to use the provided pictures. They're just suggestions. Anime and Manga images (and video games, when applicable) are both acceptable
->Icons must follow standard LJ sizes and restrictions. (100x100 pixels and 40kb) And no animation please!
->Icons cannot be advertised anywhere before voting, as the maker must be annonymous.

Suggest a character --> Here! Apply to be a bannermaker or Affiliate --> Here!
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